How to renew your membership

Membership renewals

Renewal reminders:

We will out an email reminder to renew your membership at 14 days before expiry:

If you allow your membership to lapse you will need to join as a new member.

Renewing a membership by credit card yourself:

  1. Login (top right) or click here My Account [link]
  2. Click in Subscriptions
  3. Click on RENEW NOW
  4. Pay for your membership
  5. At this point the system will have your new subscription on hold while the funds clear, however you can still access the members areas
  6. You will recieve an email notifying the processing and completion of your renewal order
  7. Once complete:
    1. Your My Account page will display the new subscription membership period – the ‘Next payment date’ is the last day of your Membership Subscription
    2. You will continue to have access to the members only sections of the site, as before.

Please note you can renew anytime within your membership/ subscription period, the renewal date will be the same as your initial membership registration + 1 year.


RENEWING a Membership doing it for someone else or paying by EFT :

Click this link and fill in the form, then pay by EFT

ASOC will process your Membership and inform you when it is done and that the next steps are via the email address you provided.