AAA Admin Webmasters Help Page

Please don’t link this page anywhere

Recommendation – particularly when you are starting out, make a duplicate of the page and ‘play’ with that before doing the real edit.

Try not to use the website as a proofing mechanism and resist the committee doing the same.

As much as possible try to have one source or end point and multiple links to same.

Editing Pages

Most of the pages use the ‘Classic Editor’  Classic Editor User documentation

Please do not add the gutenburg editor or any other flavour without talking it over with me

Editing Pages with UX Builder

A couple of pages use the UX Builder they are

  • Home page
  • Workgroups
  • Supporters
  • Events for Members
  • Connect

UX Builder User documentation

UX Blocks

Where they are, why we are using them and how to edit

Where the site repeats a fairly short piece of information particularly a link multiple times in multiple places. The terms and conditions for example it is best to add as a UX Block and then insert the block where you need it. That way one change to the one block ripples through the site with 1 (one) edit instead of multiple.

To edit go to UX blocks find the block and edit, please note some of them are UX Blocks that use the UX editor

Adding pages to the menus

The site has 3 menus, the committee only want to use 1 the ‘main tabs in the header. This means you will need to as much as possible use the drop downs otherwise the menu will become unmanageable

Editing Menus Documentation

The Calendar / Events

2 methods, I’d choose depending on what sort of periods are needed.

Method 1 is a bit fiddly but is easier to implement for events that go for months with short breaks

Method 2 is better for events that have long breaks of over 2-3-4 weeks

For both methods it is good practice to put all the information in and save for first day, then come back add recurring event info. (Save then add exceptions for method 1)

Please note if you are editing an event that stretches over a couple of months it may take some time to update, be patient

Method 1 Setup a repeating event over a couple of months then remove the holidays:

add all the details, title, start time / end time, description, image, person running it venue etc SAVE

Setup the recurring event from start date to end date (most events are weekly)


  1. in Time & Date there is a dialog = Event will not occur:
  2. hit Add exclusion
  3. choose the date when the event overlaps a holiday (I usually use the ‘once’ option as thats the easiest)
  4. if multiple event exclusions then keep adding once exceptions till done
  5. All done / Update button RHS
  6. The system will ask if you are editing one event or all – you are editing the ‘series’ so ALL is the correct answer.
  7. Proceed to next event repeat


Method 2

Create a series that is ONLY the period start date to the end date that occurs before the holiday stats


Duplicate the event

Set start date AFTER holiday is over to next date BEFORE next holiday




no removing required yay


Making changes to Subscription ‘products’ – TBA this is something we should discuss very easy to muck up the system here

Adding News

Posts / Add new / feature image will appear on front page and as header to story. Don’t use News as a events calendar. Use as Promotion of an event and link to actual event.

Customising the layout and design

Please use the custom css under Customisation DO NOT edit the templates or main css IF you must then comment the changes.

If you customise any of the theme, write down what you did so we have a record


pro tip, duplicate the form and practice on the copy.

Gravity forms documentation

CAW Discount

membership plan = CAW Discount 20% – can be applied to products, which can be added to forms.

Discounts are called coupons by he US software they are managed in ‘Marketing” LHS menu..

The 20% coupon code has been sent to to be given to CAW members on request.


Tables in pages

Really prefer we didn’t use tables but if we must to add rows go to text / html editor and copy from <row > to </row > (spaces put in to stop rendering) paste before next row

Policy link

Appearance / customise/ woo commerce / cart / edit HTML insert after cart button

Sponsors UX Builder add to hidden colum / image change status to visible

Pages with weird formatting (left over from previous website)- edit in HTML

Messages – woo commerce/  settings/ emails / edit save

Changing user/subscriber contact details – change in BOTH Users and WooCommerce Subscriptions. Users in 2 places – Contact Information and Billing Details. Subscriptions – edit Billing Address.


This occurs when there are

4 login / forgotten password failures

over 4 hours

The lockout is for 4 hours.

After the lockout, the member may use the forgotten password link on the login page to set a new password OR the webmaster can set a new password and advise the member.


Password: SE23LATE